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PC101 Conformal Coating for PCB Aerosol Can Spray


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START International® PC101™ 12 oz. Aerosol Spray is a single-Component, fast-drying, easily-repairable coating for printed circuit boards and electrical equipment. PC101™ is a clear compound of specially polymerized resins that protects circuit boards and electronic components from the atmosphere. It dries tack-free at room temperature within ten minutes of application and cures to a tough, flexible covering. PC101 ™ has widespread acceptance in the electronics industry, is used by many major production companies and corporations, and was developed to meet mil spec MIL-I-46058C.


  • Has high resistance to chemical vapors, is completely waterproof and is unaffected by both salt and fresh water
  • 12 oz (354.88 ml) aerosol can
  • Provides permanent protection against corrosion, mildew, and electrolysis on all non-ferrous metals used in the electronics industry
  • Durable enough to withstand continuous operating temperatures between -60ºF (-51ºC) and 280ºF (138ºC)
  • Can be applied by brush, spray, dip, or curtain coating
  • Solderability of parts is maintained with the use of PC101 ™
  • Resistant to discoloration, even at high temperatures
  • Can be thinned for spraying


  • Protects printed circuit boards
  • Thick film circuits
  • Electrical components
  • Transformer coils
  • Motor starters and field coils

Physical Properties:

  • Specific gravity @75°F (24°C): 0.944 ± .0002
  • Weight per gallon: 7.75 lb (3.52 kg)
  • Percent solids: Liquid 36% / Spray 18%
  • Viscosity @75°F (24°C): 49 secs w/#2 Zahn cup ± 5 secs
  • Centipoise @75°F (24°C): 205 w/#3 cup @ 12 rpm
  • Average thickness buildup: .002 inch (.05mm)
  • Color: Clear
  • Clarity: Transparent with a fluorescent tracer added
  • Average coverage/gallon: 450 sq.ft. (41.8m2)
  • Shelf life at @75°F (24°C): 1 year in air tight container
  • Flammability when dry: Self-extinguishing. Passes military specs
  • Fungus resistant: Passes MIL-I-46058C
  • Main component: Modified acrylic
  • Flash point (Cleveland open cup): 44°F (7°C)
  • Toxicity: 75 ppm
  • Flexibility: Passes MIL-I-46058C
  • Hydrolytic stability: Passes MIL-I-46058C
  • Drying time for handling:10 minutes @ 72°F (22°C), 50%RH
  • Recommended curing conditions: 24 hr. @ room temp. @ 50% RH or 30 mins @ 170°F (77°C)
  • Curing mechanism: Solvent evaporation
  • Solderability: Excellent
  • Heat resistance: No change when heated to 400°F (204°C) and allowed to return to room temperature. No ill effects. Color unchanged.
  • Adhesion: Excellent. Meets federal standard 14/A method 6303
  • Thermal shock test: Passes MIL-I-46058C
  • Continuous use temperature range: -60 to 280°F (-51 to 138°C)
  • Thinner: PC101 thinner

Electrical Properties:

  • Minimum insulation resistance: 1.5 x 10/12 ohms
  • Dielectric leakage rate:
  • Q (resonance) and dissipation factor: 66 @ 50mHz – uncoated board
  • Q change before and after coating: 3.37% at 50mHz
  • Moisture resistance: Average insulation resistance is a minimum of 1 x 10/10 ohms
  • PC101 ™ is an exclusive product of START International

MSDSIcon MSDS - For Material Safety Data Sheet for PC101 Click Here

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