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TDA080 Parts List

Part # Description
TDA080P102 Plastic Sleeve (10/pack)
TDA080P110 Rubber Foot Assembly
TDA080P207 Rear Panel Assembly 
TDA080P208  Tape Guide W /Hardware 
TDA080P210  Right Panel 
TDA080P213 Control Plate 
TDA080P213B  Control Plate (for Digital Display) 
TDA080P214  Digital Display Plastic Cover 
TDA080P219  Top Frame Stabilizer 
TDA080P221  Middle Panel Assembly 
TDA080P234  Encoder Wheel (length) 
TDA080P236  Cutter Frame Spring 
TDA080P237  Pressure Roller Spring (bottom) 
TDA080P238  Pressure Roller Spring (top) 
TDA080P243  Slide Pin (Pressure Roller A) 
TDA080P244  Slide Pin (Pressure Roller B) 
TDA080P251  Drive Chain 
TDA080P252  Feed Chain (Lower) 
TDA080P253  Bottom Feed Roller 
TDA080P253NS  Model NS Bottom Feed Roller
TDA080P255  4th Feed Roller 
TDA080P255NS  Model NS 4th Feed Roller 
TDA080P257  3rd Feed Roller 
TDA080P257NS  Model NS 3rd Feed Roller 
TDA080P259  2nd Feed Roller 
TDA080P259NS  Model NS 2nd Feed Roller 
TDA080P261  Top Feed Roller 
TDA080P261NM  Model NM Top Feed Roller 
TDA080P261NS  Model NS Top Feed Roller  
TDA080P263  Sprocket (10T) w/set screw (for 253 roller) 
TDA080P264  Sprocket (14T) w/set screw (for 255 roller) 
TDA080P265  Sprocket (16T) w/set screw (for 257 roller) 
TDA080P268  Motor Sprocket w/set screw 
TDA080P270  Chain Wheel 
TDA080P271  Sponge Pressure Ring  (30/pack)
TDA080P271-1  E-Ring 
TDA080P271-2  Washer 
TDA080P272  Top Pressure Roller 
TDA080P273  Bottom Pressure Roller 
TDA080P279  Straight Edge Blade (10 Pack) 
TDA080P279S  Serrated Blade (10 Pack)
TDA080P279FS  Serrated Blade with Teeth (Single Blade) 
TDA080P281  Pressing Tape Shaft 
TDA080P262  Hinge 4 
TDA080P302  Interior Screw 1/8"X6 
TDA080P304  E-Ring 
TDA080P309  Solenoid Shaft Screw 
TDA080P310  Nut 5/32"
TDA080P314  Exterior Screw 1/8"X6
TDA080P315  Interior Screw 5/32"X25 
TDA080P317  E-Ring (Large) 
TDA080P318  E-Ring (Small) 
TDA080P319  Washer 
TDA080P320  Wheel Sleeve Tension 
TDA080P321  Screw 5/32 X 8 
TDA080P322  Solenoid Screw M3 0X6 
TDA080P323  Washer for Encoder (406-2) 
TDA080P325  Washer (Black Brace) 
TDA080P326  Plastic Washer (Main PCB) 
TDA080P327  Screw for Main PCB 1/8"X19 
TDA080P328  Plastic Wire Holder 
TDA080P324  Blade Screw 3/16"X4 
TDA080P333 Washer for Encoder (406-1) 
TDA080P334  Screw for Encoder (406-1) 1/8"X6 
TDA080P401  Motor Unit 
TDA080P402  Solenoid Unit 
TDA080P403B  Main PCB (2nd Version) 
TDA080P403C  Main PCB (current) 
TDA080P404  Control PCB 
TDA080P404B  Control PCB (Digital Display) 
TDA080P404M  Control PCB with Memory (Digital Display) 
TDA080P405  Screw to Mount the Control PCB 
TDA080P406-1  Left Encoder (length) 
TDA080P406-2  Right Encoder (auto) 
TDA080P407  Safety Switch 
TDA080P413  Mode Button (Black) 
TDA080P416  Advance Button (Green) 
TDA080P417  Cut Button (Yellow) 
TDA080P418  Power Switch 
TDA080P419  MM & CM Button Cover (Black) 
TDA080P420  Reset / Memory Button Cover (White) 
TDA080P598  Pushing Nut 
TDA080P601  Reel Holder Assembly (3" / 76mm) 
TDA080P601-1  Reel Holder Assembly (1" / 25mm) 
TDA080P602  Tape Holder Assembly 
TDA080P603  Blade Holder Assembly 
TDA080P604  Top Door Assembly 
TDA080P605  Encoder Wheel Assembly 
TDA080P607  Roller Support 
TDA080P609  One-way Roller Gear 
TDA080P610  Cover (left) 
TDA080P614  Inner Plate Assembly (left) 
TDA080P615  Inner Plate Assembly (right) 
TDA080P621 Bottom Plate Assembly 
TDA080PFS-1  Foot Switch Connector 
POWERCORD-B  Power Cord - USA 
POWERCORD-B25  Power Cord - USA (25' / 7.6m) 
POWERCORD-F  Power Cord - Euro (Schuko) 
POWERCORD-G  Power Cord - UK 
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