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TDA080 Recommended Spare Parts

 Quantity  Part Number Description 
TDA080P236 Spring-Blade Tension
TDA080P237  Bottom Pressure Roller Spring
TDA080P238  Top Pressure Roller Spring
TDA080P272 Top Pressure Roller 
TDA080P273  Bottom Pressure Roller 
TDA080P279S   Serrated Blade- Pkg of 10



Preventive Maintenance


  • Wipe down P279S blade with IPA or equivalent to remove adhesive build-up
  • Wipe down feed rollers (P253 – P261) with IPA or equivalent



  • Remove side covers.
  • Inspect P237 and P238 pressure roller springs. Replace if worn.
  • Inspect P272 and P273 Silicone Rollers. Replace if worn or misshapen.
  • Replace P279S blade if needed.
  • Wipe down feed rollers with IPA or equivalent.
  • Re-install side covers.
Arisara Karbdecho